Singer Model 66 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual

We purchased it at an antique store in New York during November The paint and decals on this machine are in exceptional quality showing little sign of wear. We have a Model 99 which is a handcrank version which is much different from this one. Most notable differences are in the handwheel and decals. Decal detail can be seen on the banner at the top of this page. Because of their small size and lighter weight, the 99s are great for taking your quilting projects onto the road with you. It will do anything a Featherweight will do and at a fraction of the cost. However, we hasten to point out that our stitches at this time are less than perfect, but think we can improve the stitch quality after the bobbin case is replaced and both thread tensions are properly adjusted.

Necchi Sewing Machines

I don’t know everything about vintage sewing machines. There, I’ve admitted it. I feel so much better now.

Mar 03,  · How my addiction to vintage sewing machines has grown from refurbishing, to sales, to a repair business. Come along with me as I have learned by doing, making mistakes along the way, taking and teaching classes, all for the love and sense of .

Greist Sewing Machine Attachments One of the things I most enjoy about my job is tracking down the “correct” accessories for the sewing machines we sell. Which makes me a bit of a snob when it comes to sewing machine accessories. If I’m selling a vintage Singer machine, I really want all of the attachments to have the “Singer” or “Simanco” mark. But is that really necessary? There are a lot of vintage attachments out there with the “Greist Manufacturing Company” mark.

Are they somehow inferior? Does the “Singer” mark automatically make an attachment better? But if functionality is your goal, then Greist attachments may be a viable alternative. Greist Manufacturing Company was founded by John M. Greist, an inventor who was employed by Singer to design sewing machine attachments. Greist is the inventor behind the iconic “Puzzle Box” attachments kit for Singer treadle machines.

The patent was filed in by Greist but assigned to Singer. A side by side comparison Singer at left, Greist at right confirms it:

Singer Sewing Machine Parts

Side seam zippers — late s s. Short, center-back neck zippers — mostly s s. Sleeve zippers — s s.

Though NECCHI from mid ‘s and ELNA from mid 50’s, had Zig Zag machines, it was the German Manufacturers that really spread Zig Zag machines. This is mainly the reason why so many SINGER zig zag machines were only made in Germany and nowhere  › eBay › Antiques › Sewing (Pre).

The Necchi 15 circa One of the first pre war Necchi models circa Based on the Singer model 15 the Necchi sold well all over Italy before slowly being exported world-wide. Not sure what to do with the old family foundry he was inspired by his wife asking him for a sewing machine. The idea stuck and the foundry was altered to cast the first iron machines. Initially Vittorio copied the best selling machines of the time like the Singer model 15 but it was not long before his Italian flair took hold and unique Necchi machines started to roll out of the ever expanding factory in Pavia.

Necchi made many models always to the highest standards and pioneered many improvements to modern machines. Being an Italian machine naturally they had to make their sewing machines pretty to look at as well as useful. Necchi machines of the to the ‘s were the curviest of any sewing machine. Even by today’s standard it is impressive. Necchi used the most beautiful women of the day to advertise their machines as we see here with a young Sophia Loren.

With kind permission from Necchi Italy. Later, the Necchi Mirella was so inspiring that it became one of the only sewing machine ever to be on permanent display at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. It represents the highest aesthetic level a sewing machine has ever achieved. Necchi now supply the most up to date computer machines a far cry from the simple machines of the ‘s.


Why the Mystery Singer is not an Improved Family. In the manual there is a drawing of an I. I bought the machine from a very nice gentleman. He has a passion for treadles and has restored many. He and his wife are off on new adventures now. They are, thus, divesting.

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Everything and Anything you wanted to know about the Singer Featherweight Machine. Singer sewing machines The K made in Scotland has a couple of major and some minor differences from the black featherweights. It has a toothed belt that drives the lower shaft instead of a vertical shaft and bevel gears, and the folding cloth plate is shorter than the black one. Of course they come in different colors. I have one thats white in a green case. It’s not pure white and I suppose one could say it has a slight green color.

These machines seem to be built to the same quality as the black ones. The one’s I have encountered sew about the same as the black machines. They sound different because of the belt drive between shafts. There is a lot of difference between black FW’s in the way they sound and sew. In my classes, I have the students run their machines wide open, one at a time, so everyone can hear the difference between machines.

There is quite difference sometimes between machines. Some run faster than others and some a lot quieter. The speed is dependent on the type of belt, tension of the belt, and condition of the motor.

How to Service a Sewing Machine

I was pleased to see that it had been packed up very well: I have seen very sad stories, like this one , where machines arrive with broken parts because they weren’t packed properly. The fact that the machine in that story is a Necchi makes it even more heartbreaking.

Your local sewing machine experts since Tips & Tricks Thread Problems and Solutions. Do you often find yourself rethreading your machine because of skipped stitches, thread looping on the bottom, or just general tension problems when using a monofilament/nylon thread?

She does not have the cover, or any other attachments. But she came with the foot controller and I was able to plug her in to test the motor. It’s me, Polly, who has the Necchi sm group on Yahoo. I have not so good news about the Lydia, unfortunately. She’s infamous for having a cracked camstack and sometimes broken smaller gears. She was the first Italian Necchi that they tried using plastic in and the combination of the plastic and metal parts in the camstack did not fare well together.

Over the years most of the camstacks developed cracks to one degree or another. If it’s not cracked too badly she’ll sometimes still do straight st and zz but no dec stitches.

ISMACS’ Sewing Machine Book List

Shipping is free when you purchase a printed manual, needles, etc. Downloads are about half the price of our printed manuals. So, do NOT order a printed manual when you want a download. We enlarge the PRINTED manuals to the full printable size of the sheet of paper and our customers, especially those with mature eye sight, love it.

Although Elias Howe had patented the lock stitch sewing machine in initially there was little interest in this new invention. Gradually though a small number of firms started to produce primative sewing machines and later the American courts decided many of the machines .

Tweet Share Necchi went on and produced the Mirella, which to date represents the highest aesthetic degree that a sewing machine has every reached. This brand name is renowned for a reason. Their strongest attributes lay in three areas, namely; parts, warranty and price with quality: Parts — Most of their components are produced with metal. Damage is minimal and corrosion is most unlikely. This is really good news to the end user as you can exchange or adjust any part with little or no extra cost.

They also new the power of advertising and used super models and actresses to model with their machine. One very popular actress that springs to mind is Sophia Loren. You would expect a new product to stand the test of time. They have come a long way with us dating back to pre-war. This machine was founded on the Singer model and became extremely popular in Italy, and then expanded into the world not long after.

As with any successful brand name,The company Necchi produced a myriad of models that was known for their high standards, durability and good design overall.

Identifying Vintage Sewing Machines

An adventure in collection, refurbishing, and reselling vintage sewing machines and what is learned along the way. Thursday, May 22, Happy Birthday! A frequently asked question among sewing machine aficionados is “How old is my sewing machine? They have a comprehensive list of serial numbers for Singer’s only.

You need to carefully look up your number, note the number of digits because it’s easy to just check the first 3 numbers thinking it’s a 7 digit serial number when you are really only checking the top of the list with 6 digit numbers and the 7 digit numbers are in the next section.

May 22,  · A frequently asked question among sewing machine aficionados is “How old is my sewing machine?” The first place to start is the brand of sewing machine: Singer kept records of serial numbers that are easily found at ISMACS, the International Sewing Machine Collector’s Society.

This little girl came home with us from Goodwill one Saturday afternoon. My husband came up to me and asked “Is Knee-chee a good sewing machine? I knew he meant neck-ee but he didn’t know that’s how you pronounced Necchi. When I saw the price tag I almost ran with it to the cash register before they came out to change it. I’ve wasted 7 bucks on worse things and I had checked the hand wheel moved. There’s been a few spats over who really bought it or who really found it.

Hubby says he did since I didn’t see it and I say I did because he was clueless until I gushed about Necchi sewing machines and how my mom had one. This post may contain affiliate links.

NECCHI vintage all metal sewing machine fully restored

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