Louvre Abu Dhabi

Location[ edit ] Saadiyat Island’s Cultural District plans to house the largest single cluster of world-class cultural assets. Zayed National Museum , to be designed by United Kingdom -based architectural company Foster and Partners under the direction of Lord Norman Foster ; the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi contemporary arts museum — the world’s largest Guggenheim and the only museum to be located in the Middle East ; a performing arts centre designed by Zaha Hadid ; a maritime museum with concept design by Tadao Ando and a number of arts pavilions. The overall effect is meant to represent “rays of sunlight passing through date palm fronds in an oasis. International engineering practice BuroHappold provided multidisciplinary engineering across the project. Louvre Abu Dhabi at the Gallery One of the Emirates Palace Hotel which includes 19 works of art bought over the last 18 months for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, as well as loans from the French national museums to mark the beginning of the construction work. Piling works In Louvre were to be completed by August , with the piling and enabling works package awarded to the German specialized company Bauer International FZE [18]. The company gave no new date.

Louvre Abu Dhabi: UAE museum unveiled by Emmanuel Macron

Abu Dhabi’s Heritage Village is an authentic replica of a typical Bedouin village that gives visitors an idea of Emirati life before the oil boom. It’s located in a pretty beach area of the city, which is a pleasant place to wander after a visit. There are exhibits featuring traditional day-to-day objects, workshops where you can watch craftspeople demonstrate Emirati metalwork and weaving skills, and displays introducing visitors to local agriculture and the pearl diving trade – the main economies here before oil was discovered.

The oasis settlement is noted for its date farming, and one of the largest sand dunes in the world is just on the outskirts. This makes it a must-visit attraction for anyone wanting to ride dune buggies, try sand surfing, or go camel trekking.

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The enigmatic plaster figure with a rectangular bust is nearly 8, years old, and is known to be one of the earliest large scale statues of the human figure. Made by people who inhabited modern-day Jordan, it offers a glimpse into the start of settled human civilisation in areas like the Levant, Mesopotamia, China and America, as depicted in The First Villages gallery. According to a museum tour, the discovery of the vase 1, kilometres away from its origins shows that people were sailing the Arabian Gulf even 7, years ago, and that trade was common.

Stone Age discs and blades from left a status disc ring from France, a bi-disc from China, a retouched knife blade and fish-shaped cosmetic palette from Egypt. The development of pottery, said to have first appeared around 10, BCE, is also traced in a case that holds a decorated cooking jar from Japan, and two funerary jars from China and Afghanistan dating back between 3, and 2, BCE.

Mankind is believed to have switched to a more sedentary existence because it could not easily transport these beautiful yet fragile artefacts. Terracotta figurines also appear to be common artefacts of the period. One female figurine from modern-day Iraq is 7, years old from the area of modern-day Iraq, and another from Ecuador is 4, years old. Next to these figures, Stone Age discs and blades are on display.

The displays are neatly arranged in an easily navigable space, and compared to later galleries, the artefacts are few in number. Timings and entry fee: Education professionals Free entry: The symmetry and beauty of the blades and tools on displays depict a fascination for aesthetics and skill even in the earliest of human civilisations.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Heritage Village is an authentic replica of a typical Bedouin village that gives visitors an idea of Emirati life before the oil boom. It’s located in a pretty beach area of the city, which is a pleasant place to wander after a visit. There are exhibits featuring traditional day-to-day objects, workshops where you can watch craftspeople demonstrate Emirati metalwork and weaving skills, and displays introducing visitors to local agriculture and the pearl diving trade – the main economies here before oil was discovered.

The oasis settlement is noted for its date farming, and one of the largest sand dunes in the world is just on the outskirts.

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No images found, please add some images. Having only opened its doors in May , this brand new store features a gleaming white interior and five private demonstration stations, where trained beauticians advise customers on the best forms of skin care treatment. Having evolved from a fishing village into a luxurious metropolis with glittering skyscrapers, massive malls, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants, it is now the destination for travellers who prefer somewhere slightly more laid-back and cultural than Dubai.

There are plenty of exciting attractions in Dubai, from the engineering spectacle of Capital Gate, the farthest leaning building in the world, to Ferrari World, with the fastest rollercoaster on the planet. Yas Waterworld is a summer favorite, with 43 different water rides, slides and attractions, while the Arabian Wildlife Park, where over 10, animals roam, offers some great activities, including a safari tour. Abu Dhabi is frequently compared with Dubai, and one of the areas where it comes out on top is its strong sense of culture and history.

OROGOLD recommends that both women and men dress modestly when visiting religious sites, although suitable clothing is usually provided at the entrance to a mosque. The Qasr Al Hosn, otherwise known as the White Fort, is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, dating back to , and its spectacular exterior is definitely worth a visit. There are plenty of other activities that you can enjoy in Abu Dhabi.

From zooming across the sand dunes in the vast desert on quad bikes, to kayaking through winding mangroves, to island hopping cruises and fishing trips. Those that have always wanted to give wakeboarding a try will appreciate the calm waters along the coastline, and there is even a cable park, where riders hold onto a cable attached to a pulley system, skimming the water smoothly, hitting ramps and obstacles when they are more skilled.

For something more relaxed, head to the Corniche, a gorgeous boulevard that snakes its way along the coastline. Breakwater Point offers some great views of the city, and there are many entertainment venues and restaurants to keep you occupied along the way, as well as bikes and pedal cars for hire. When it comes to dining options, there are an overwhelming number of choices, from international gourmet restaurants to casual local eateries.

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The exhibition will explore the rich history of the Arabian Peninsula through archaeological and cultural artefacts, including a selection of rare pieces from the UAE. The exhibition has presented 14 acclaimed editions throughout Europe, the USA and Asia, sharing the story of this unique region with audiences around the world, before coming to Louvre Abu Dhabi where it will be enriched by selected pieces from the UAE. Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia explores five chapters in the history of the Arabian Peninsula, spanning early prehistoric settlements; maritime exploration; caravan trading routes that linked the region with Asia, Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean; routes of holy pilgrimage emerging in the 7th century CE; and the social and economic developments between the 14th and 16th centuries that set the stage for the modern day region.

Omar, Vice President of Antiquities and Museums Department at STCH, underscores the significance of the exhibition, given the special relationship between the two neighbouring countries and their shared cultural and historical heritage. Dynamic archaeological research in recent years has shed new light on the longstanding history and diversity of the region, and excitingly, the exhibition now includes a selection of objects from the UAE.

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Englishmate All that you need to know about the Louvre Abu Dhabi that opens this weekend The Louvre Abu Dhabi shall open to the public this weekend on November 11, and has more than pieces on display. Nov 07, Still, artwork at the new Louvre offers a brief history of the world and its major religions, not shying away from Judaism in a country that officially does not recognize Israel. AFP The modernist museum, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, sits under a honeycombed dome of eight layers of Arab-style geometric shapes.

It draws the lapping waters of the Persian Gulf into its outer corridors, allowing individual beams of light that pass through the roof to strike the surface and cast dancing reflections across the white walls. Today, much of Saadiyat Island, envisioned as a cultural district anchored by the museum, is still empty. Officials in Abu Dhabi have not disclosed how much it cost to build the museum.


London to Abu Dhabi is a 7-hour flight Tips for families Abu Dhabi is a family-friendly destination and children are generally welcomed. Families walking with young children should take care on roads and crossings, as the city is designed more for cars than pedestrians. Traffic frequently will not stop at zebra crossings and those crossing the road by foot may find their view is obstructed by road signs.

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Dear Friends, For millennia, patrons of fine art ranging from powerful emperors to current day business leaders have acquired Persian carpets for their enormous aesthetic appeal. These fine pieces are undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian art dating back to B. Even today, the creative process remains unique and extremely time-intensive.

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have cautioned the public against online scams. The warning came after a year-old expatriate resident filed a complaint with the Abu Dhabi Police that she was a.

Etymology[ edit ] “Dhabi” is the Arabic name of a particular species of native gazelle that was once common in the Arabian region. Abu Dhabi means father of the “Dhabi” gazelle. It is thought that this name came about because of the abundance of Gazelles in the area and a folk tale involving Shakhbut bin Dhiyab al Nahyan. Modern Abu Dhabi traces its origins to the rise of an important tribal confederation, the Bani Yas , in the late 18th century, which also assumed control of Dubai.

In the 19th century the Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches parted ways. Into the mid th century, the economy of Abu Dhabi continued to be sustained mainly by camel herding, production of dates and vegetables at the inland oases of Al-Ain and Liwa , and fishing and pearl diving off the coast of Abu Dhabi city, which was occupied mainly during the summer months. Most dwellings in Abu Dhabi city were, at this time, constructed of palm fronds barasti , with the wealthier families occupying mud huts.

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My title meant nothing. I’d never been anywhere in the Middle East, outside of family visits to Jerusalem and a two-week jaunt to Morocco. I had studied the worlds that might be unlocked by Arabic, but they had never been real. Mosque tours from the unbarmitzvahed Jewish boy. Within weeks, I was restless. Within months, I was aimless.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located in Abu Dhabi, museum was established on 8 November It is part of a thirty-year agreement between the city of Abu Dhabi and the French museum is located on the Saadiyat Island Cultural is approximately 24, square metres (, sq ft) in size, with 8, square metres (86, sq ft) of.

French architect Jean Nouvel. In it was sold to help pay for a bigger and better Shiva, which turned out to be stolen and had to be returned to Tamil Nadu. Now we have none. One room, called the gallery of Universal Religions, makes a serious statement of intent: There is no place for religious or cultural bigotry in this institution. During the past decade, Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collecting policy has been aimed at creating a “universal museum for the 21st century”.

Culture is the final element in the UAE’s vision of itself as a prosperous modern state, but the Emiratis have not settled for hoovering up a collection of glittering treasures. The historic agreement with the Louvre, which was signed in March , was not only a way of ensuring access to high-quality works, it was a method for tapping into the expertise and professionalism of the French museum world. Today, young Emiratis are undertaking scholarships and internships with the Louvre, training as curators, conservators and administrators.

In time, these trainees will take on major roles at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Equally important is the idea of the museum as an educational resource for the local population. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, who is the major force behind the museum development, sees Louvre Abu Dhabi as a “game changer” for new generations of students who will be exposed to the best the world has to offer.


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