Carnival Depression Glass

Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Gene Florence and Cathy Florence Keep in mind that books aren’t necessarily the best way to find your piece’s value, since they can quickly become outdated when market conditions shift. However, they are an excellent resource for identifying patterns and pieces. Assess the Condition Condition is a major factor that affects value, so you’ll need to take a hard look at your item. If your piece is an heirloom or you’re hoping for a certain value, it can help to have an objective friend check for flaws. Original Flaws Some condition issues are actually original to the depression glass, which was made quickly and sold for very little when it was first manufactured. These include raised rough spots, bubbles beneath the glass’ surface, and tiny lines called “straw marks. These flaws don’t significantly affect the value of your piece, since they are original.

Fenton Art Glass Company

Mouse over image to zoom. Click photo to view larger image and other views. Lovely and impressive round pedestal cake stand, with rum well, in the American pattern by Fostoria Glass Co.

The Fenton Art Glass Company enjoyed many successful years during the heyday of carnival glass. Even though competitors like the Northwood Company soon produced their own canival glass there was a .

Many people love to collect antique glass and china. There are as many ways to collect vintage glass as there are collectors. With the varied colors, styles, and patterns collecting glass is a fascinating hobby. Popular Types of Antique Glass and China No matter what era you are interested in, what your favorite color is, or what china pattern you like there is a type of collectible glass just for you.

Carnival Glass is a beautiful, iridescent, pressed glass that was given away as prizes at carnivals. It must be iridescent to be true Carnival Glass. Depression Glass is the term used for glass plates and other items that were often given away as promotional gifts or sold very cheaply during the depression. It was produced from about to Vaseline Glass, also known as Uranium Glass, is a yellowish green color and glows under a black light.

This is due to a small amount of radiation emitted by the glass. There are also collectors of fine china. These people have hearts that beat a little faster when they see a certain Royal Doulton pattern or Victorian china from Bavaria. Some of the popular manufacturers are:

Determining the Value of Pink Depression Glass

The first step to understanding the different “Types of Glass” is to know how clear “Basic Glass” is made. Addition will cover the metals required to produce the various colors of glass. Finally, we discuss each individual “Types of Glass”, its associated chemical formulation and or what manufacturing process is required to produce that individual type of glass.

Glass Insulators were first produced in the ‘s for use with telegraph lines. As technology developed insulators were needed for telephone lines, electric power lines, and other applications. In the mid ‘s a few people began collecting these glass and porcelain insulators. Today there are over collectors, and insulator clubs, national shows, and good reference books are available.

Best webcam american young Dating carnival glass Single colored cores are usually cylindrical and are truly “solid,” while multicolored cores are often comprised of tightly spaced bands. On the latter type, the bands may be situated in such a manner as to give the appearance of lobes if the core is observed from above. Divided Core Swirls have, as the name indicated, a core comprised of separated bands.

There will be at least three and as many as six bands. Latticinio Swirls possess cores comprised of colored strands that are usually twisted into a lattice-shaped appearance. When strands occur at equidistantly spaced intervals and are very close together all the way around the marble, the marble is considered “caged. Now and then the strands will be divided, typically into three different sets. The color of the core is white, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue, in increasing order of rarity.

For a much more thorough description of the history of hand made glass marbles, please visit my History of Glass Making in Lauscha, Germany page. Several factors can increase the collectibility and therefore the value of Transparent Swirls. Search for dating carnival glass: However, most have such an outer layer and this almost always consists of either single colored strands or multicolored bands.

Fenton Art Glass Company

How to Identify Vintage Glass By Meredith Jameson ; Updated April 12, Vintage glass items can be found in many antique stores, collectors’ shows and individual collections. Glass items include vases, plates, stemware, platters, jars and dishes of assorted sizes and shapes. Because vintage glass is a wide category that includes many different glass types, patterns and colors, it can be difficult to correctly identify vintage glass.

glass bottle marks ~~~~ glass manufacturers’ marks on bottles and other glassware ~ page 4 Note to readers: for introductory and explanatory comments and discussion concerning this GLASS MANUFACTURERS MARKS section of the website, please click on the “A-B” link below which points to “Page One” of these five alphabetically-arranged pages.

Carnival Glass What is Carnival glass? Carnival Glass was originally produced as a cheaper alternative to the expensive blown iridescent glass by Tiffany and other types of upscale glassware. Carnival glass gets its iridescent sheen from metallic salts having been sprayed on the surface of the glass while it is still very hot. A final firing of the glass brings out the iridescent properties of the salts, giving carnival glass the distinct appearance it is known for.

Its current name was adopted by collectors probably in the s? At the height of its popularity in the s huge volumes were produced and prices were low enough for the average, middle class household to afford. The majority of Carnival glass was evidently produced in the United States, although it also became fairly popular in Europe, with a number of glass companies making Carnival there as well.

Nearly all the major European glass-making centers produced some. It was also very popular in Australia. Carnival Glass Insulators Glass electrical powerline insulators are also found in Carnival glass, although the intent of production was not ornamental.

Antiques and Collectibles—How to Value and Sell Your Old Things

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Collecting Antique Glass Collecting Antique Glass offers one of the widest opportunities for the antiques collector. When collecting antique glass you are collecting some of the most delicate, most beautiful and most precious items that man has ever produced. Glass is one of the few materials that has survived into the 20th century Nothing has been developed that can replace it and the manufacturer of glass is becoming much more technically advanced.

Carnival glass gets its iridescent sheen from the application of metallic salts while the glass is still hot from the pressing. A final firing of the glass brings out the iridescent properties of the salts, giving carnival glass the distinct shine it is known for.

Iridized art glass has been found going back thousands of years, created by chance originally by being buried in ground containing certain chemicals. You will find some of the earliest patterns – such as Peacock Tail, Ribbon Tie, Thistle – available here. Fenton was the first to produce it in quantity I will be certain that those are notated is the description. All the pieces are in mint to excellent, if there is a flaw or chip or cracks I will note them. Bubbles that are not too close to the edge or straw marks or heat stress marks generally do not affect the value.

There is additional information on Carnival Glass and the manufacturer’s featured here at the bottom of the page. Created in an Orange Tree design its colors range from rich orange, marigold iridescence, with reds, gold, and blue hues. It is in fantastic condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. The Orange Tree is both an interior and exterior pattern.

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Shop for-and learn about-Antique Carnival Glass. Antique carnival glass, or inexpensively made glassware treated to have an iridescent sheen, has captivated.

Fenton labels of various kinds were applied to glassware prior to To see a complete list of Fenton labels, Logos used for Fenton seconds are shown at the bottom of the page. This is the logo you will likely see on glassware from Fenton retailers. This logo will be used through Glass moulds used at Fenton. An “8” to denate the s or a “9” to denote the s may also appear. The “0” is used from Added to the 90th Anniversary Historic Collection.

In , a small “8” was added to moulds to denote the decade of the eighties.

How to Identify an Authentic Fenton Glass

Those with a bit more time in Italy also fit in a visit to Murano, a nearby island. This is the place to go for the famed Venetian glass, where you can watch a glass making demonstration and maybe buy an Italian glass souvenir or two. Even if you have limited time in Venice, you can still fit in a quick trip to Murano, as it is only a few minutes by vaporetto.

On the other hand, you might have more time and curiosity and want to explore the area. Er — perhaps I should be more precise and say islands.

Fenton Label History. Presented below are the various Fenton labels used from through the present. For a complete list of Fenton logos used from to the present, click here. Illustrated Labels.

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Carnival Chalk Ware

History[ edit ] The original factory was in an old glass factory in Martins Ferry, Ohio in The first year for glass production was From to , the designs made there were heavily influenced by two other glass companies: But the many different colors were the work of Jacob Rosenthal, a famous glass chemist who is known for developing chocolate and golden agate glass. At the same time, they continued creating new colors. Towards the end of the Great Depression they also produced perfume bottles for the Wrisley Company in

Perry’s offer price is also similar (at $), so we are fairly confident in dating the second Lee catalogue to or maybe just a little later. Bank Testimonial, dated July 26, This date is also supported by the Carnival Glass on offer.

Books and e-books Other Czechoslovakian Makers Czechoslovakia now the Czech Republic has a long history of glassmaking dating back to around the 13th. Given the popularity of Carnival Glass, it is not surprising that it was also made in Czechoslovakia. The two main makers are considered to be Inwald and Rindskopf, but other makers are being discovered, and our research is continuing: Most likely, more will follow.

Pictured above is an absolutely stunning candlestick, named by us Sublime Deco which we found in the Libochovice catalogue number It is fully iridised on the frosted and un-frosted surfaces, giving an ethereal almost magical shimmer to the glass. We contacted Libochovice sadly they are no longer active now , and they confirmed that our candlestick was indeed their production from the s.

How To Identify Valuable Carnival Glass by Dr. Lori

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